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Water Boger Hardware (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Since 1999, Water Boger has always been uphold integrity, practical, innovative, craftsmen four principles! The principle of good faith to water Berg and consumers, manufacturers or customers have been mutual understanding to maintain a good interactive relationship. Practical on behalf of Water Berg step by step lead the company to grow steadily, and put forward the quality of goods to the public. However, innovation, the water in this fast-changing market in the ever-standing reasons to keep standing, so that customers will always stay at the cutting edge of the mall. Craftsmen for the staff of the product attitude, will always be the best goods to the customer's faith.

Water Boger has now become one of the indispensable manufacturers of the global sanitary ware industry. There are many well-known brands in the world. The products are sold in various markets such as USA, Europe, Japan and the Mainland.

In order to ensure the leading position in the highly competitive bathroom industry, the company has established a different style with other industry companies under the efforts of its colleagues, so that the company has so far been in an industry leading position. Water has a strong team of organizations and excellent experience in the R & D team and have excellent supplier partners, and to provide timely market specifications of the product, repeatedly beyond the customer satisfaction and expectations.

Over the years, the Water Boger to a comprehensive production schedule, professional and flexible human resources, a large number of precision production equipment and testing equipment, in a comfortable and clean production environment, to keep the product process at any time quality control Level and accurate delivery time, widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers and trust, as customers the most trusted and strategic important partners, and in recent years by the state awarded the national hi-tech awards.

Looking ahead, the Water in addition to continue to meet customer needs, will expand investment, the introduction of the introduction of new technology to transcend, forward efficiency and vision, effective integration of resources to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and business value Ranking the twenty-first century outstanding enterprises.

Craftsmen for the staff of the product attitude, will always be the best goods to the customer's faith.

service advantage

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